Who we are, What we like to do, what we can do for you

We are a small software-engineering society, specialised in the web, concerned about the software’s development and the dialogue with our clients

We were born in 2000, at the dawn and for the cultural revolution which the internet has brought and which has become reality in the past few years: widespread digitalisation, speed and convenience in data access, intermediation reduction or annulment, system integration as basic necessities…

In a few words available, immediate and perhaps simple, applications for everyone for smartphones and P.C.

Not all has been accomplished, of course, but what we saw 20 years ago was right and now we are in on it. The connection to the network is getting cheaper and more helpful or even essential; we believe, such is not only for social networks or human contacts, which seem to prevail right now, but also for all those businesses that depend on data exchange and interactions between operators. Choosing and buying goods, forwarding an explanation request or the contact tracing of a sending, verifying a purveyor or a reservation, having the product’s handbook or datasheet at someone’s disposal, manage customers’ demands, giving transparence and speed to the decision-making processes and the management’s workflows.

The software is not something designated just for a few people and that is created in an isolated room anymore. Everyone needs some software, to improve the processes, to change them and to simplify or to make them comprehensible.

In order to do this, as we want to create some software, we have to move away from our points of view and from the technical terms, we have to “get down from the keyboard” and talk to those whom will use the software, we have to discuss and therefore understand what is better, to listen to the needs, to make hypothesis over solutions and to make prototypes. We have to invent, but not just by ourselves.

Therefore, we are a small software-engineering company that wants to use its competences and the technology to create projects and improve processes. Similar to what an architect does, that is using the materials, the design and the technology’s knowledge as instruments so that imagination and experience can make him realise new palaces, new theatres or new bridges. As Renzo Piano has shown us.

Nowadays we are 3 to 4 people, we perform analysis and make projects, coding and integration. We mainly, but not solely, develop WebApps and MobileApps.