Planning and creating customized software and CRMs is cheaper than expected and it surely gives better results

Some specific software, or a CRM for real needs and company processes, often remain forgotten and people have to adapt themselves. On the contrary, we can develop suitable and innovative software through listening and the continual confrontation, which help companies to grow.

The software is a service and to be such we have to learn to use it. However, wouldn't it be better if the software could “learn”? If it was it to adapt to the company's needs, to our selling system, to our warehouse management?

There are general, generic tasks for which some generic software works perfectly: writing a mail, making a presentation, making some calculations and previsions, submitting invoices and standard selling statistics.

However, if we want to organise things and persons better, we will probably have to use some personalisations or particular settings; and sometimes it would be better having a special customized application. This application would make different things, that some general programme does not make, because they can only be done by new and different technologies (that some traditional managerial software do not have) that allow the user to not necessarily have a pc or is for definition outside the office and uses a tablet, or simply the smartphone.

And even for the simplification: some management software can often be too complex for some people, for this reason fewer functions are enough.

In conclusion, we plan, alongside you, we think how to help you organise, and eventually make some management software, that you already have, communicate with each other and build integrations or extensions: an app to control the warehouse which analyses the management software’s data straightaway while you are around the shelves; a webapp that allows clients to directly ask variation conditions and that verifies the feasibility and the costs by reading the price lists; an app which allows the assistance personnel to ask instruments or needed materials or spare parts, and that transfers directly the purveyor’s demands on the management software.

We develop integrations with the management software AS400, SAP, Arca, Zucchetti, Panthera and many others.

We create Apps on the web and for mobile devices. Apps which are integrated, not adie. We make Apps, but not just on our own; we make them with you, because the software is a service.